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Your mortgage is the most expensive item in your life

Saving interest is how to put dollars back into your pocket

Know your mortgage » How To Save

Smart ways to save on your mortgage

Simple steps to take to cut the interest you save on your mortgage

  • Save interest by keeping your mortgage payments the same but increasing the payment frequency.  Change from monthly payment to biweekly option
  • Take advantage of the annual or monthly pre payment option that comes with your mortgage.  This may could be anywhere from 10% to 25%.  You do not need to pay down all of it, and only a fraction can help reduce and allow you to shorten the amortization remaining
  • If you are looking to refinance your current mortgage consider blending and extending.  It may be a better alternative then refinancing your entire mortgage
  • If you are renewing, take a look at your current amortization and consider decreasing it to the shortest possible term while keeping your payments comfortably